Alice and the Machine Gunner

David J. Forsyth

For decades David J. Forsyth has researched his ancestors' stories, assembling an enormous cache of records and anecdotes. Although history is filled with the tales of the great and the powerful, much less is known about the lives of ordinary people. Forsyth's goal in his research and in the writing of Alice and the Machine Gunner is to address that gap. 

Alice and the Machine Gunner is a conscientious blend of fact and fiction, a multigenerational account of the Geherty family based on information gleaned from civil, parish, military and personal records, as well as the reminiscences of the late Alice Geherty.

The author begins with Peter Geherty, a 19th-century Irish linen weaver, and concludes with the life story of his great-granddaughter Alice, a London-born war bride. In 1919, she emigrated to Canada with little hope of ever seeing her parents again. 

This engrossing work of creative nonfiction brings to life generations of people now departed. In the process, it opens the door to a deeper understanding of the past.

Paperback, 6 X 9, 214 pp., $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-243-4