Mark Hunter LaVigne

Join author, camper and hiker (as well as public relations specialist and one-time journalist) Mark Hunter LaVigne as he explores both Algonquin Park and the implications of some hard-won life lessons: 

Always try to build two benches with the same wood. 

Celebrate life’s little moments so you’re ready for the big ones. 

Avoid debt at all costs.

Mark mulls over these and other lessons learned over the course of a lifetime as he solo-backpacks through Ontario’s Algonquin Park in search of a campsite safely situated on high ground, drinking water that won't give him beaver fever, and—maybe, just maybe—the meaning of life!

As he continued his sojourn, Mark decided readers young and old, but especially those near the start of life’s journey, might enjoy and perhaps even benefit from what he has learned over the years. The result is a book that is insightful, amusing, and sometimes poignant.


 “Reminded me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which I read a couple times back in the 1970s…. Ukulele isn’t Zen in that it gives legitimate camping advice (Zen didn’t offer motorcycle maintenance advice), but it travels some of the same philosophical turf. At the same time, Mark’s observations are of a different nature and he gives some handy camping tips; I like the photos, and felt like I wanted to take the same trek. I’m looking forward to Mark’s next book, and although I’m not a canoeist, I’d kind of like to make the trip with him.” —Stuart Adams

“While reading The Broken Ukulele I felt like I was right there on the trek with Mark through Algonquin Park, and experiencing firsthand his camping life and other humorous adventures. Mark also gives us an open and intimate look at his family and work life, and some wise advice on negotiating life’s highs and lows. It’s a great read while sitting by the campfire listening to the loons out on the lake. Give us more please.” —Jim Cronin

Rock’s Mills Press
Paperback, 5 X 8, full colour, 48 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-191-8

Kindle Ebook Also Available