Poems of loss, the passage of time and mortality

David J. Forsyth

A yellow plate and plastic fork,
In trash-bag tossed,
Tell nothing of the past nor her
Brief life, now lost.

Instead a few sweet crumbs upon
The plate remain,
Remnants of what no longer is.
We share the pain.

---from "Crumbs on a Yellow Plate"

In Footnotes, Hamilton area author and poet David J. Forsyth presents a lifetime's worth of poems, many of them dealing with the theme of human mortality. Forsyth has appended a brief footnote to each poem, recalling the circumstances of its creation and the challenges that he faced in writing it. The result is a collection that both readers of poetry and practising poets themselves will cherish.


Paperback, 5.5 X 8.5, 68 pp.