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Sensing Geometry

Symbolism and Structure in Art, Science, and Mathematics

Steve Deihl

This exciting new book explores some of the surprising connections found among mathematics, science, and art. Driven by theory and practice, by rigorous research and free experimentation, Sensing Geometry relates seemingly “unrelated” ideas and phenomena in new and intriguing ways. While abstract mathematical objects, progressively built from self-contained systems, might be said to exist only in the mind, this interdisciplinary study shows how mathematical and scientific concepts have also been adapted into various forms of artistic expression – architecture, poetry, painting, and sculpture – as examples of hybrid thinking and creative process. With Sensing Geometry, the author develops a network of common elements broadly connecting a new world-view of nature.

This book features dozens of full-colour illustrations, including famous works of art, astronomical photographs, and mathematical diagrams.

Full colour

Paperback, 6 X 9, 238 pages

$39.95 US / $49.95 Canada

ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-170-3