Peter Anselm Garrelfs

This wide-ranging and moving collection of poems, first published in 1968, explores the meanings and manifestations of life and living, with all their joys and sorrows. As the author writes: "It is neither necessary nor desired, at least on my part, to be very explicit as to why or how creations, or perhaps the opposite, come about. It would be a mechanical dissection, a baking of clay into a form. I therefore humbly declare that I will discard whenever required, retain whenever useful, and abandon whenever necessary. Many years have passed and blown words hither and thither. Time seems to have erased the last remnants of romanticism, never embraced to the fullest, or perhaps not even touched. No, the winds blow from another direction, compelling me to be as I am. Dreaming-yes, but rather broadly, about, or within a vague linguistic jungle. Claims I make none, but rather cross the territory where such are made and violently defended."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Peter Anselm Garrelfs was born in Germany in 1936, and lived through World War II as a child. Due to the horror, death and injustice he witnessed, Peter's poetry is deep, dark and introspective. Peter spent the majority of his adult life in Canada working outside of the arts in a rewarding career which allowed him to provide for his three children, but he never lost his great passion for music, writing and poetry. Peter died on April 29, 2021 with his children at his bedside.



Paperback, 6 x 9, 42 pp.

ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-253-3