New edition of The Adventures of Matilda the Tooth Fairy to delight new generation of children losing their teeth

Oakville, ON, April 22, 2021 -- First published in 2011 in English and 2013 in French, The Adventures of Matilda the Tooth Fairy by Mark Hunter LaVigne has new editions from Canada’s Rock’s Mills Press. 

The Adventures of Matilda the Tooth Fairy: Episode 1 -- Mission Bobby is a charming tale about a tooth fairy named Matilda. One day she is ordered to visit one family to retrieve some baby teeth. However, on her way out, the family begins to notice her presence and Matilda hurries her way up the chimney because tooth fairies can “never be seen!”

Readers from different ages will definitely enjoy the story’s hilarious and entertaining twists and events. It is truly a story for children and children at heart.

Mark Hunter LaVigne, made up the Matilda stories for his eldest daughter when she demanded to know why tooth fairies paid money for her teeth!

A father of four, and a journalist by training and a veteran public relations practitioner and professor based in Aurora, ON, Mark has written or co-written several books including public relations textbooks and a memoir series about his escapades in Algonquin Park’s backcountry. He is also a singer/songwriter.

Artist Linda Proctor is the creator of Rusty the Yellow Dog. Montreal’s landscapes and architecture inspired many of the pictures in Matilda.

The French version is also available through Rock’s Mills Press.

Both versions are now available on for $20.00.

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