The Flock Among Us

John Steckley
Photos by Angelika Steckley

“Humans have long recognized the intelligence of parrots.” So begins this fascinating overview of parrotkind. John Steckley introduces readers to the large and diverse flock of parrots big and small who share his family’s home and lives. Along the way you’ll not only meet the diverse personalities of the Steckley flock but also learn about the many different species of parrots. Often amusing, sometimes heartbreaking, the Steckleys’ experiences with “the flock among us” make for entertaining and enlightening reading.


Parrots have taught me much about the potential for intelligence in ‘aviankind.’ They are good spokesbirds for their class. They definitely are “endowed both with rational utterance and with articulate voice.” And I like to think of our aviary as an embassy where compelling examples of the cognitive abilities of non-humans are on display.

In researching this book, my reading about other intelligent birds and the relationships they have with humans taught me much about parrots and my relationship to them. That being said, Bernd Heinrich’s insightful Mind of the Raven provides an apt disclaimer for this book: “Ultimately, knowing all that goes on in their brains is, like infinity, an unreachable destination.  The interesting part is the journey.”

Welcome to my journey with our parrots.

About the Author: John Steckley is an anthropologist, sociologist, prolific writer, and parrot enthusiast. His book Gibbons: The Invisible Apes was also published by Rock’s Mills Press.

Full colour, paperback, 2017, 6 X 9, 180 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-978-77244-045-4