Truth Warriors

The Battle to Hear, Be Heard and Make Decisions that Count

Christi Scarrow

"Truth Warriors is packed with fascinating stories, novel insights, and practical tips for every leader who has something worth fighting for.” —Liane Davey, New York Times bestselling author of You First and The Good Fight

This book will help you navigate conflict and make better decisions. As author Christi Scarrow points out, all of us have the opportunity to make decisions that count, whether in our professional or personal lives. To do so, we must become what Scarrow calls “Truth Warriors.” We must believe in ourselves, yet question our most firmly held assumptions and beliefs. We must know when to speak up and when to be quiet. In the end, says Scarrow, “making better decisions is about making your voice about our voice and your truth about our truth. Only then can we change the world.”

ISBN-13: 978-1-77244-224-3

Paperback, 6 X 9, 188 pages


$25 Canada / $20 US


“Christi Scarrow brings forth an insightful framework to guide today and tomorrow’s leaders in the Dance nowadays required to powerfully leverage personal and collective Truths in the delivery of superior results.” —Luc Mongeau, president, Weston Foods

Truth Warriors will give you an entirely new approach to building confidence in your decision-making process. By understanding the contrast of rational and intuitive styles and the need to produce positive tension, we can learn to produce better outcomes. Whether professionally or personally, Christi teaches us to take a leadership role in being bold, transformative and deliberate in our action to ultimately decide on the best path forward.” —Lee Ferreira, general manager, Ferring Canada

“Christi Scarrow looks for and fights for truth in all aspects of her life, professionally and personally. Her tenacity and passion make her a warrior in action. Her journey is woven into this book and the book is woven into her journey. I believe that journey will resonate with and enlighten many professionals looking for truth as a compass to live their life by.” —Drew Munro, partner, Lighthouse NINE Group

“This is the book I didn’t realize I needed. Christi challenges her readers to reflect on how we approach decision-making in all aspects of our lives. With personal stories and tangible strategies, Christi carries her audience through a journey of discovering the Truth Warrior in us all, leaving her readers enlightened and wanting more.” —Leanne Slaney, social worker, Halton Healthcare

“Christi Scarrow is a gifted writer who makes the experience raw, real and relatable. Whether you like to dive into your favorite book until it’s done or pick it up and put it down at your own pace, the journey to becoming your Truth Warrior is as unique and beautiful as this book.” —Brea Corbet, president, Change of Heart Fitness

“Reading Truth Warriors will make your own life better, and the lives of everyone you interact with better as well. It is a must-read for anyone who cares about bringing out the best in people and in making better decisions.” —Phil Drouillard, founder and chair, Lighthouse NINE Group

Truth Warriors is a personal, practical and potential-releasing guide to finding your voice and making better decisions. It includes straightforward tools supported by impactful examples from the author and those who have helped to light her way. A great read and something you can immediately apply to your life.” —Greg Smith, podcast host and author of In Search of Safe Brave Spaces

Truth Warriors offers something for every leader. It can be used by a wide range of professionals to reflect on their own beliefs, biases, and decision-making processes. Through the use of personal and work examples, from herself and other leaders in history, Christi Scarrow helps bring truth to life in a way that everyone can relate to.”

—Jennifer Tunnicliffe, professor of human rights history, Ryerson University



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